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25 May 2020 @ 05:30 pm
Finally! :)
Fandom: La Femme Nikita (1997-2001)
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Fandom: DC Universe

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Fandom: Xena Warrior Princess
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-Blood and sand / Vengeance-
Multichaptered Fics
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One-shots and drabbles*

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-Gods of the Arena-
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Watching the first Harry Potter movie while I draw ausxip charity stuff. Closer to finish this, closer to re-starting Sparty War of the Damned strips!

And then DOCTOR WHO! And next week is NEIL GAIMAN'S EPISODE!!!!



Erm...Watching it for the first time ever. *whistles*

I'm an hour and a half into the movie. Watching it with a child's mind, mostly, and thoroughly enjoying the ride. Reactions so far:

Five minutes into it and I was already thinking "I MUST show this to my nephews."

Hermione on the scene and I'm already trying to avoid an AU where she is LOST GIRL's Lauren. Because, Hermione raising her hand while Alan Rickman asks Harry and he doesn't know the answers. Lauren. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

ZOMG every time I listen to Alan Rickman's voice. That voice should be illegal.

Ima gonna play a 'spot the DOCTOR WHO actor', aren't I? In the same fashion as I played 'Spot the XENA actor' in SPARTACUS.


A twitter peep told me I looked like Emma Watson. The grown up current Emma Watson. Best compliment ever?

When I keep on with the series of movies and get familiar with characters, I MUST read xenokattz's HP fic from, like...2 years ago? *waves to Katt*

I know he's not on this one, but my mind suddenly implodes when I think "RIVER SONG WAS MARRIED TO VOLDEMORT OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG O...M...G..."

They are playing their first match and while Harry talks before entering the pitch, it's like Varro and Spartacus before entering the arena. *sniffles*

AU fic. LOST GIRL's characters. As kids. At Hogwarts. Lauren, Bo and Kenzi in house Gryffindor. Dyson and Tamsin in Ravenclaw, Hale in Hufflepuff and Vex and the Morrigan in Slythering. My brain is shitting with me, and I love it but I hate it. And why is that campy Canadian show so addictive, dammit?

05 March 2013 @ 09:44 am
Geez, it's been ages. Damn twitter for making it so easy to be around in a couple words. Also, modding spartacus2010 kinda leaves less time for my own LJ.

Well, SPARTACUS is coming to an end, and #AllTheTears. Epic so far. As in every episode is freaking epic and big, and so many things in play, and our characters breaking our hearts, and...*BIG DAMNED SIGH*

And with the end of Spartacus, the end of March will bring The Doctor back at last. So many things going on that show, or about to go on that show that ZOMG! 50th anniversary goodness, please! I really mean it. PLEASE!

I finally started drawing classes. First time ever! So pretty, pretty happy!!!!!!

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Apologies in advance:

Because there is the nerd moment/s when you fangirl about Doctor Who and Spartacus with KORE...zomg twitter moment #1Collapse )

... The lovely comments regarding the comic strips...
So many ZOMG!twitter moments...Collapse )

... And the day Liam/Spartacus made me lose my shit with his class act. He did that on his own. During two days in a row.
He literally left me speechless. Class act.Collapse )

In more TV shows news, March will also bring SCOTT AND BAILEY (which kinda is a British Rizzoli and Isles with a side of less sappyness -apologies to any R&I fans reading this-). And it contains Suranne Jones (DOCTOR WHO'S IDRIS/TARDIS), which is a definite plus. Gotta catch up with Call the Midwife and will try ITV's BROADCHURCH, because of the Davit Tennant and Arthur Darvill-ness of it.

I've decided that my guilty pleasure is definitely LOST GIRL. And me being me, I had a meta moment with my personal OTP:

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From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:

Andy Whitfield’s portrayal of Spartacus made a huge impact in all fans of the show. He was so brilliant. His fight against cancer and tragic passing made his legacy stronger. He was Spartacus and we all believed the character.

Season 1 was, and will ever be, his.

Yet tragedy happened, and Starz had the balls to continue the show recasting the title character, and Liam McIntyre came into the show. It was no one’s fault, and he took the role and made the best he could. From comments I’ve read around, some people like him, others don’t.

In my case, while watching Spartacus: Vengeance, I thought the path Spartacus (the character, not the actor who played him) had in season 2 was less empathic to the viewer than in Blood and Sand, and in that respect, it was harder to connect emotionally –also, I was not a fan of the Spartacus-Mira pairing (again, talking about characters, not actors)-. But now Liam was Spartacus, and NOW Liam IS Spartacus. Vengeance and War of the Damned are his.

And thus, paying tribute to both actors and their legacies in this show, you may, or may not have noticed that the Spartacus during Blood & Sand’s timeline (strips 2, 7 and 10) is Andy’s Spartacus, while from strip 21 until the end of the series, the comic strip character of Spartacus represents Liam.

From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:>

Andy and Liam ARE Spartacus.

Spartacus: Underworld, a comic strip Spartacus series following dead!Batiatus in the Underworld, and the living ones on Earth. Until they die and are dead. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Draw them all. Spartacus: Underworl main index. (Currently 40 strips uploaded)

Spartacus: Underworl JOURNAL.
From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:
Uh…Doctor-woman with ethnic necklace resembling “Shadow Games” Juno’s Priestess. Her attire looks oriental, but I do remember thinking she may be from Northern Africa when I first saw that episode (no idea why, I just did.). Anyway, that’s the reason why the smiling midwife is wearing a fez. It wasn't planned, this one.
From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:

Spartacus: Underworld, a comic strip Spartacus series following dead!Batiatus in the Underworld, and the living ones on Earth. Until they die and are dead. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Draw them all. Spartacus: Underworld main index. (Currently 38 strips uploaded)

Spartacus: Underworld JOURNAL.
I think Sura is one of those characters with little on-screen time but leaving a permanent mark on us. One, because she’s what moves Spartacus, first in surviving, then in taking vengeance upon those responsible for her death. Also, Erin Cummings aced her.

And she's still present; one season (and a prequel) later, we even saw her in flashback on the recently released War of the Damned trailer.

Strong, probably feisty and deeply tragic and in love with her man. As a Doctor Who fan, Sura’s sarcastic Riveresque ‘Hello sweetie’ in strip #15, works for me in keeping comic strip Sura in character: feisty over/despite the tragedy behind her. I hope it works for the comic strips' readers too :)

From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:

Spartacus: Underworld, a comic strip Spartacus series following dead!Batiatus in the Underworld, and the living ones on Earth. Until they die and are dead. Updated Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Draw them all. Spartacus: Underworld main index. (Currently 36 strips uploaded)

Spartacus: Underworld JOURNAL.
From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:

One of the fun parts during research was figuring out the ‘original’ characters. Eratosthenes, a historical character, was the perfect candidate to fill in while Mercury was working hard elsewhere.

I don’t quite remember where I read about his death by suicide, but it was by coincidence, yet this death, tragic and sad, in the world of Draw Them All, became comic-strip material.
His physical appearance is also based, more or less, on the main portrait found around the net, and the colour of his clothes, colourful instead of whiteish, inspired by Raphael’s The School of Athens.
From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:
As for his psychoticly perky attitude, making him aware yet oblivious to the tragedy that is his death and the fact that he is in a limbo, for some reason, there’s a childishness behind all those years that makes him cute and weirdly adorable.

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Following my previous post with Vastra and Jenny's awesomeness.
Strax sings a Xmas Carol. Sontaran Style.

21 December 2012 @ 12:42 pm
Oh, look, LJ just deleted the entry I had been writing!
Second try, here we go.

On the RL side, a fine year, can't complain. Hope all is well! :)

On the fannish side, good year too. Improvement on comic strips, and just realised I have a bunch of Spartacus ficlets ready to be edited. 

On the TV side, apart from the usual shows and future squee+tears from incoming Spartacus final season...

Arrow: my feelings are that I have no feelings about it. Other than a wee squee of joy when I recognised Doctor Who's Doctor Moonlight as Ollie's step-father. It's fine, but I still don't care about any of the characters. On the other hand, ZOMG SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 COMICS!!!! :D

The Almighty Johnsons: a Kiwi show. Fine writing. You shall recognize a dwarf from the Hobbit and Aurelia from Spartacus.

Call the Midwife. BBC's exquisite drama about midwifery in London's 40's. Brilliant. It also made me discover comedian Miranda Hart, who happens to write and star in a show 'based' on her life, Miranda, which returns this season. It's classic comedy, and it's brilliant.

On the Doctor Who front, among many things -Oswin and all the Pond tears-, thank you, Steven Moffat, for Vastra and Jenny. Created for last season's "A good man goes to war". 
I think the feelings of the fandom towards these two can be summed up in this person's comment I saw on youtube: "Ever since "A Good Man Goes to War" I've wondered why the 17th cent sword-wielding, man-eating, reptilian, lesbian, detective hasn't already had her own spin off." Well, they're back, at least for one more episode :)

The prequel they released this week is brilliant, blunt/bold and hilarious (IMO).

And a quote from this upcoming Xmas special:

"Good evening, I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time. And this is my wife."

Also, LES MISERABLES!!!!!!!! I'm so excited about it!!! Spanish TV released this week the full clip of ONE DAY MORE. The script was legally uploaded on one page (so sorry, can't remember where) and I read it. Some little details have been changed to fit best the format (not stage, screen) and I have nothing to say against them. Also, while I read it, imagining the scene: ALL. THE. TEARS. So I better take kleenex with me to the cinema.
From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:
Before Mercury, even before research, one God* I knew had to be in Draw them all Spartacus: Underworld series was Dionysus/Bacchus, (God of grapes, harvest, ecstasy and national divinity of Thrace) due to his connection with Sura.

Plutarch mentions Spartacus's wife to be a Thracian prophetess. In his book "The Spartacus War", Barry Strauss describes her as "A prophetess, she preached the word of Dionysus, who took possession of her during ecstatic frenzies." (Spartacus War, page 94)

So, wine, prophetess, visions. A God friendly with humans, especially women. Dionysus/Bacchus was kind of easy.

What came later than Mercury with him was the clothing. To match his brother, Bacchus/Dionysus would also wear 'modern' clothes. Adding wine and hallucinations and not being squirmish about 'befriending' humans, for some reason Vincent Vang Gogh came to mind. Van Gogh is one of my fave artists of all time, and I knew that among his health problems, whatever they were, he had hallucinations. The media has depicted him often with his hat. This hat.


And so I drew a similar one. If you happen to be a Doctor Who fan, you probably already know of the gorgeous representation of the artist from the brilliant episode "Vincent and the Doctor". 
I basically took the coat and the hair colour. 

So there, Bacchus/Dionysus in the Underworld: friendly-looking Wine god who gave a vision to a Thracian woman regarding her husband. There was wine involved. He drank it. As he says, he drinks loads of wine and things happen.

From Spartacus comic strip UNDERWORLD. Series here:

(* Actually, the first god pictured in my mind was Jupiter, for whom I had a very clear idea from the beginning. But that one won't come in a while)