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MINI-BIO: Somehow I landed where I shouldn't have. I'm amazed as how few things I share with my loved ones. Hardly a pearl jam fan, comic-geek, not fanfic writer, at least not that I know of, dog walker, mountaineer...in my inner circle.

JOURNAL ENTRIES: There's RL, there's fandom, there's writing, there's comic strip, there's awesome flist pimping...Feel free to comment, friend, de-friend, etc. I'm always happy to read and comment.

Trying not to be neutral on this moving train.
Trying not to stop learning. Ever. From the biggest to the smallest.
Trying...uf...trying a lot these days, mostly to turn all that bottled up everything into something good for the rest of my life.
Luckily, I have a tendency of watching it half full, even if it takes me long.

I believe in the power of a smile.
I believe in the power and importance of little things. Probably one of the movie quotes that best pictures this comes from The Crow: "Believe me: NOTHING is trivial"

I like music, sharing music...and I LOVE Pearl Jam. (proud tenclub member; four live shows and counting)
Comics have always had a part in my spare-time life. Fanfic is a more recent hobbie, and I'm enjoying it.
Proud golden retriever owner for twelve years now. And yes, he's called Vedder. And he's cool. He.
I like rambling about the most introspective and most shallow things, from the matter of the soul to commenting the next epi of smallville. Yeah, oh yeah. hehe

The rest kind of goes into my entries and my flikr page (because I also like photography). Link somewhere in the links section.

FANFIC: Gee, I really need a masterlist. But anyway, before I make it, most of them are already in fanfic.net olansamuelle's FF.net

Fandoms tackled:
Superboy (Kon-el)
Comic!Superman (Clark/Lois)
La Femme Nikita (1997-2001)
Spartacus: blood and sand
Xena: warrior princess

And the latest in creative olan's world has been the comicstrips. Tag serial posts: comic strips links you to all of them. My drawing time, until I get some more time for that, has focused on the Spartacus: blood and sand strips, which Ausxip uploads on a brand new section created for them:

So yeah.

both made by the lovely staringiscaring

Surprise gift for my Spartacus: blood and sand fanfic "A distant memory"



Banner as participant of the spartacus2010 event: spartacus_september


I got to the nominations months before becoming happy and proud co-mod of spartacus2010



Made by the lovely staringiscaring

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